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Ceres in Virgo – How to Work With a Negative Or Shadow Aspect of Ceres in Virgo

As the planet of growth, nourishment and motherhood, Ceres is associated with fertility, family and the home. This is also a powerful placement for those who want to nurture others and the environment. But if you have a negative or shadow aspect to this point in your chart, you may struggle with issues around loss and the cycle of death and rebirth.

Ceres is a maternal, earthy goddess who takes care of the vulnerable. She nourishes the sick, the wounded, children and those strays who have no home of their own. But she backs off enough to let her children make their own mistakes and learn from their experiences. When healthy or positively expressed, a person with Ceres in Virgo is like a wise parent.

People with Ceres in Virgo are marvelous strategists, organizers and teachers. They are meticulous and intelligent, often with a complicated relationship to their bodies. They are devoted to the things of beauty and the spiritual, so they take grooming seriously. They eat healthy, exercise and read a lot. They are creatures of habit and energized by daily rituals.

Those with this placement want to feel connected to the world through their career. They are often concerned with issues of sustainability, hunger or the environment. They may have a calling to work in a hospice or a field that deals with loss and rehabilitation. They are often concerned with the well-being of children and may be called to teach or travel abroad.

In relationships, people with this placement want to show their love through supportive action. They may not always be romantic, but they love to help their loved ones improve, learn and get ahead in life. They love constructive criticism and prefer their partners to challenge them. If they have a negative or shadow aspect to this position in their chart, they can become demanding and full of criticism.

The key to working with this placement is to remember that it is a divine energy of devotion and sacrifice. This can be a powerful and beautiful gift, but it is best used in the service of others. It is also important to find other ways of expressing this power and claiming personal autonomy apart from this area of your chart. If you have a positive or shadow aspect to this point in your chart, try to embrace the wisdom of this nourishing planet and its lessons of loss, death, rebirth and resurrection. Then, you will be able to fully appreciate the joy of each Spring and Summer moment in your life.

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