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Collecting Vintage Sign Auctions

Vintage signs appeal to collectors for a multitude of reasons. These nostalgic relics of our shared history transcend their advertising origins to become sought-after art pieces and valuable investments, with each sign recounting a unique and fascinating chapter of our collective past. The allure of these signs extends beyond the aesthetic, however, with many of these collectibles capturing our cultural zeitgeist by depicting famous celebrities and figures.

The popularity of these antiques is due in large part to the rise of the mantique trend, which eschews grandma’s prized collection of tea cups in favor of relics fit for man-cave decor. Antique collectors are also drawn to old-fashioned signage as a means of displaying their love of sports, booze, or the history of the United States.

As a result, the vintage sign auctions market continues to grow and the prices are rising. With this in mind, collectors must be sure to stay informed and network with fellow enthusiasts, attending antique auctions and trade shows to learn from the experts in the field. By doing so, they can acquire a firmer grasp of the current value and price trends in the antique sign world.

When looking for vintage signs to add to their collections, collectors must be able to differentiate between authentic and reproductions. One way to do this is to look at the material from which the sign was made. For example, porcelain enamel signs, which were created by applying layers of vitreous enamel to a metal base, tend to be more valuable than tin or wood signs. These signs are also recognizable by their bright, vivid colors.

Other important indicators of authenticity include the design and style. In addition, collectors should look for a clean and polished appearance, and signs with no scratches or chips. Lastly, collectors should pay close attention to the color and tone of the sign, as well as the logo or brand name. The latter will often be a good indicator of the age of the sign.

With the right research, knowledge, and preparation, collecting old-fashioned signage can be a rewarding and exciting hobby. By staying connected to fellow collectors, attending antique auctions and trade shows, and learning from the experts in the field, collectors can ensure that they are acquiring genuine antiques that will increase in value over time.

The most active antique sign collecting sub-genres are petroliana and automobilia, which primarily encompasses car, truck, gas, and oil advertising. In addition to these popular areas, collectors also love quirky and unusual country store signage, which markets everything from soda to beer and tobacco. Other highly valued signs are railroad and highway signs, which can be a challenge to find.

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