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GTK Marine Power provides a range of marine renewable energy solutions

GTK Marine Power provides a range of marine renewable energy solutions and ship solar power technologies to a wide variety of customers including passenger ferries, survey ships, oil tankers, bulk carriers and cargo vessels. These include the patented Aquarius MAS and Aquarius MRE.

The newest addition to the portfolio is the MPC series of 3mm pitch connectors designed for high current applications and with a 10mO contact resistance. They have snap-in pegs, locking clamps and isolated terminals for secure mating. They are available in circuit sizes 2 – 24 for single or dual row configurations and are compatible with both wire-to-wire and wire-to-board interfaces.

Digitization for the benefit of our customers

In-house and external digitization tools such as automation systems, information management systems, data analysis tools powered by advanced machine learning approaches, to name but a few, help operators and technicians gain instant access to essential information and insights into the main operation trends and performance characteristics of their equipment. These tools enable better planning, faster process development, improved quality control, safer and more efficient operations and a greater return on investment.

Displays to enhance your experience

The display technology at GTK Mintec is not only impressive but also aesthetically pleasing and easy on the eyes. A number of different display technologies are available, including the TFT display with optical bonding which has a higher contrast ratio than conventional displays and is well suited for indoor or outdoor applications.

A customer portal displaying the latest and most important timetables of the pilot plant and its laboratories is another example of digital technology that GTK Marine Power uses to help customers navigate the process and track project progress. The system is based on the project and document management (PDMS) software and can be customized to meet each specific customer’s needs.

Lastly, new machine learning-based methods for image segmentation and elemental mapping are being developed in GTK Mintec’s characterization laboratories to enhance the value of the visual data collected during the processing and laboratory testing phases. This will help speed up the analysis of samples and enable exploiting more of the troves of data available at this location, which could lead to increased production of value-added products in the future.

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