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How do you find 98% IV in Pokémon GO?

Pokemon Go players are always on the hunt for shiny, rare and legendary Pokemon to add to their collection. However, with a few handy search tricks, you can easily find the Pokemon that’s right for your team without having to spend hours hunting them down.

Thanks to the recent quality-of-life updates in Pokémon Go, searching for your perfect IV Pokemon just got a lot easier. The game now offers a search bar that you can use to filter the Pokemon in your collection, making it easier to identify high-value Pokemon, find evolveable Pokemon and free up bag space.

In the search bar, you can type in multiple criteria that will filter your Pokemon list to match your requirements. This includes searching by specific Pokemon names (including nicknames), Pokedex numbers, CP values and more. You can also search for a range of values using the “&” or “|” symbols. These can be combined into an and statement to return the best results, or used as a not statement with the! symbol. For example, searching for “shiny&grass” will display all the Pokemon that are both shiny and have grass moves.

Another useful feature is the ability to filter pokemon go search tricks by evolution stage. You can search for Pokemon in a particular family line by adding + to the front of their name. For example, searching for +Pikachu will show all the Pokemon in this family that you’ve caught, including Pichu, Pikachu and Alolan Raichu.

You can also filter by a Pokemon’s move set. Just type @ followed by the move you want to find in the search bar. For example, typing @1BITE will show all Pokemon that have the quick attack move, while searching @2BITE will display only Pokemon that have the charged attack.

Other useful searches include searching for Pokemon with certain moves or moves types. For example, you can find Pokemon with a certain attack type by searching for @attacktype. You can also find Pokemon with a certain HP level by searching for hp, or by their CP range. To narrow down your search options even further, you can use the minus symbol (-) to exclude certain criteria from the list. For example, you can search for cp300- to filter out all the Pokemon with lower CP than that amount.

You can also search by a Pokemon’s IV rating, which is calculated as the sum of its attack, defence and HP values. For example, a Pokemon with the IV value 4* will have an attack of 415, while a Pokemon with 3* will have an attack of 296. If you don’t have a good enough team to catch all the Pokemon that you want, you can also use the search bar to find traded Pokemon. You can do this by entering trade in the search bar. This will also return Pokemon that have been traded in the past 30 days. It’s worth mentioning that your current IV ranking is displayed in the search result, so you can quickly identify which Pokemon are worth catching or trading.

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