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How to Find a Top Boom Lift Rental Provider

The right equipment can help you work more efficiently, reach tight spaces, and finish projects in less time. A boom lift — also known as a cherry picker or man lift — is an aerial work platform that helps your team get to high or difficult-to-reach places on a jobsite, safely and quickly.

The articulating boom lift, or AWP, is one of the most common types of boom lifts available for rent. A number of different manufacturers offer articulating boom lifts, so it’s important to compare pricing from various suppliers before making a decision. The size of the lift’s platform and its maximum elevated height will impact rental premiums, but other factors such as add-on features and accessories can also drive up prices.

In addition to price, you should also factor in the weight capacity of the lift’s work platform. Some articulating boom lifts can only support a certain amount of weight, so this will affect your total load capacity and how much you pay for the machine per day or week.

A boom lift’s power source will also impact the cost of the rental. You can find articulating boom lifts that are electric, gas (diesel fuel), or hybrid, so it’s important to match the lift with your project needs. Electric articulating boom lifts tend to be the most affordable, while gas and hybrid lifts are the more expensive options.

If you are considering an articulating¬†top boom lift rental provider for your next project, talk with experts to understand the specs and capacities. Then, determine the exact lift height you need to do the job and factor that into your cost calculations. Also, don’t forget to consider the weight limit of your crew and any tools or materials you will be carrying in the basket.

Operating any type of heavy machinery requires proper training and certification. For boom lifts, this includes familiarizing yourself with safety risks, controls, weight and height limits, inspections, and other important information that your local Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) office may require.

Whether you’re looking to hire an articulating boom lift or another type of aerial work platform, XRefer makes it easy to connect with trusted local providers. Use our quick quote comparison tool to see the best rates and availability, then give a few New York boom lift dealers a call.

The cost of a New York boom lift rental depends on the size you need and its height capability. The smallest 16-foot models start at $80 a day, while larger 120-foot lifts are often more expensive.

Renting a boom lift instead of purchasing one can be a smart financial move for your business. You can save on upfront costs and maintenance expenses, plus avoid the depreciation that comes with buying equipment. You can even swap out the lift for a different model at any time, so you always have the right equipment for each project.

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